Photo by Timothy Hursley


It is our goal for the Arkansas House of Prayer to be accessible and welcoming twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Weekdays, Monday through Thursday, 9AM – 3PM, the building can be accessed by visiting the office at St. Margaret’s church and obtaining the Visitor Key Fob from the office administrator.

The same is true for Fridays, 9AM –1PM.

On the weekends, volunteer greeters and/or the House of Prayer Staff are in the building to welcome you, orient you to the space, and answer questions, Saturdays 9AM –5PM and Sundays 1PM-5PM.


Visitors who have established a relationship with the Arkansas House of Prayer may choose the additional option of obtaining a ProxKey® key fob, which grants electronic access to the building twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Visit the Key Fob Application page and fill out the form there, or contact the Arkansas House of Prayer Staff by phone at 501.821.7773 or by e-mail to schedule an appointment.  A short application, proof of identification, and a brief orientation are required to obtain your key fob.

We are pleased to offer this privilege to friends of Arkansas House of Prayer, who bless our space with their commitment to peace, calm, and silence through regular prayer, meditation, and good intentions.


On Friday afternoons after 1:00PM and at other times during daytime hours, a third option exists for entering the House of Prayer. The callbox immediately left of the front door is labeled with instructions for contacting the administrator, who can grant access remotely. Visitors must identify themselves and their purpose for visiting in order to be admitted.

Note: for security purposes, the administrator will not grant access after dark.  If your desire is an evening quiet time, please contact the administrator about applying for a key fob.