Silence Stories: My Ten-Year Journey with Arkansas House of Prayer

Silence Stories: My Ten-Year Journey with Arkansas House of Prayer


Ten plus years ago I was introduced to Centering Prayer by my dear friend, Sr. Deborah Troillett, R.S.M. At almost the same time, my husband, Curt, and I began going to weekly meetings at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church to discuss the writings of Father Thomas Keating on this subject. At that time, St. Margaret’s leader was Reverend Chris Keller. We were hooked and quickly incorporated this tool into our life-survival kit.

Then Reverend Susan Sims Smith began to talk about her dream of a place to meditate and pray. In what seemed like no time at all, the House of Prayer was born through the generosity of many who sought what we believed the House of Prayer offered: a place to be silent and quiet our minds to better understand our God as we know Him.

After years of journeying back and forth to the HOP, the richness of my encounters with silence and prayer has given me peace on levels I had not thought possible.

I rejoice in the journey thus far and wonder what lies ahead. There is no doubt that I have much stronger faith, hope, and love today than I did ten years ago. My gratitude to all the people, places, and personal encounters that have helped me get to this point is enormous. I pray that I will have the courage to continue forward in my spiritual journey. One sure tool I will use to stay the course will be visits to the House of Prayer.


Chucki Bradbury