Love Thy Neighbor 2018 Together as One

Love Thy Neighbor 2018


Join us at 6 p.m. Thursday September 6 at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church for the 7th Annual Love Thy Neighbor Event! 

The service will last about an hour and includes speakers from different faiths, time for prayer and silence, musical performances from local artists, an interfaith children’s chorus, and a presentation by the Multifaith Youth Group.

Stick around after the program; we’ll feed you! The Interfaith Food Festival will feature vegetarian dishes and food from several faith communities.  Although no childcare will be provided, children are welcome at this event.

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The event is FREE and all are welcome!

Arkansas House of Prayer and its sister organization, The Interfaith Center, both based in Little Rock, are honored to hold this gathering, now in its seventh year.

Love Thy Neighbor began as a peace-oriented service on the grounds of the House of Prayer, marking the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001 as an opportunity to draw people together who are dedicated to peace in our community and the world.

Located in West Little Rock on the campus of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Arkansas House of Prayer is set apart in Nature, dedicated to contemplative prayer, meditation, and quiet, where all are welcome (

The Interfaith Center is part of the Institute for Theological studies at St. Margaret’s, and its mission is to reduce the hatred and fear among the world religions (

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