Mornings with Sacred Silence

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Please join us on the Second Tuesday of each month from 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM CST for Mornings with Sacred Silence.

Deepen your spiritual journey through the practice of silence.

In this virtual class series Rev. Susan Sims Smith, Sister Deborah Troillett, RSM, and the Hon. Annabelle Imber Tuck will teach about silence in an interfaith format informed by their own personal spiritual journeys. They will offer simple meditation techniques to the group, followed by a time of shared silence and open discussion.

This series is co-sponsored by Arkansas House of Prayer and The Interfaith Center.

‘Going Out of My Head Over You: Embodied Mindfulness Practice.’

Online Mindfulness Training from the Ark. House of Prayer

The Arkansas House of Prayer is sponsoring an online training course featuring Dr. Robert Barris, a practicing psychiatrist in New York, called ‘Going Out of My Head Over You: Embodied Mindfulness Practice.’ It will be held Feb. 13, 23:30 p.m., via Zoom. Registration is required.  To register click on this link:

Silence as Pilgrimage: Silence as Coming Home

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Silence as Pilgrimage: Silence as Coming Home

with Sister Deborah Troillett, RSM

A day of silence can be a pilgrimage in itself. Let your Soul play. Let your defenses crumble. Surrender in Silence. Welcome Peace,

This workshop is facilitated by Sister Deborah Troillett, RSM, and Director of Arkansas House of Prayer. Time will be spent reflecting and hearing from others about their journey of silence. We will also practice silence at Arkansas House of Prayer.

We will gather in the St. Margaret’s Welcome Center on the Upper Level of our campus. Registration begins at 8:30. Our program is from 9-12:30 p.m.

Light refreshments will be served. Please dress comfortably.

Reservations are required. Suggested donation: $15.

To register click here. Please contact Stephanie Fox for more information or call 501-681-3934.

All are welcome.

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Silence Stories

House of Prayer users each have their own, unique experiences of visiting the House of Prayer, and their own stories to tell. We’re excited and grateful to share creative professional, father, meditator, and dog-lover Levi Agee’s below!

Levi’s Story

“I am so thankful for the Arkansas House of Prayer. I grew up very spiritual but in college, drifted away as life got busier and my environments and ambitions changed. I soon found out that I was living my life out of balance and after my daughter was born I was suddenly faced with a myriad of anxieties and worries that would manifest themselves into a crippling anxiety disorder. Over time I’ve learned that I was living my life mainly on auto-pilot, working my way through the American Dream or what I thought it was without really facing any of the discomfort or suffering in my life. Through therapy and lots of seeking I came into the practice of meditation.

Taking time out of my day to just sit with what is and not trying to fix anything has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried and the most rewarding. I try to practice sitting everyday, but it isn’t always easy. In raising an energetic four-year-old, there aren’t many opportunities for quiet reflection at home except for bedtime, but then I’m usually too tired to meditate. So having a place of quiet and serene beauty minutes from my work gives me the perfect opportunity for some solace in a busy workday as well as being easily incorporated into my daily routine. I can stop by the Arkansas House of Prayer for fifteen minutes before I head in to work or even longer on my lunch break. I was also excited to be able to apply for a key fob to have access to the House of Prayer 24/7 making it a lot easier to find some peace in a hectic schedule or if I’m feeling inspired at any hour of the day or night. I believe that you can find a practice anywhere, but there’s something about the design and purpose of the Arkansas House of Prayer that adds to the experience. The gorgeous architecture and natural surrounding landscape leave me with a feeling of awe every visit.

There’s something about being in a space with a purpose of helping people find peace and quiet that enhances my meditation in a way that being at home or in my car doesn’t do. When I first visited the House, I wanted to evangelize it to everyone, how lucky we are to have a place like this in Central Arkansas. I got some tongue-in-cheek feedback that a friend told me to keep our little secret quiet for fears that it would become overcrowded soon if everyone knew how great it was. I hope sincerely hope it does. I hope people learn of this place and come out in droves so that they have to build new and bigger ones and maybe instead of seeing a bank on every corner we start seeing prayer houses just like the Arkansas House of Prayer.”


$35 (Checks payable to Arkansas House of Prayer). For more information, contact the Rev. Cindy Fribourgh.

Sponsored by Arkansas Interfaith Center, a ministry of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church.

Working With The Tough Stuff

We know that within the Divine is a deep overarching compassion.

Also, within the Divine and within us is a calm, non-reactive presence of stillness that can stay immobile in the midst of any situation. As we grow spiritually we develop more of this spiritual immobility and non-reactivity.

Join us for a workshop that explains these concepts and gives us the skills to practice this stillness in the midst of challenge.

Sunday, August 10, 2014, at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, 20900 Chenal Parkway, 72223. Cost is $35. For more information or to register, call 501.821.7773 or e-mail us.