Practicing Presence: The Holy Now

The Rev. Susan Sims Smith
Photo: Dixie Knight

Photo: Dixie Knight

One benefit of a daily spiritual practice is that it has the potential to increase our ability to be present to the Divine, and through this, present to our truest self. Practicing presence calms us,  fills us with joy, and makes the moment the Holy Now.

In cultivating a regular practice of silence, we position ourselves for this connection. In quiet moments the Divine may whisper our names, caress us with love, correct us with wisdom, and assign us to specific service in daily life. One way of silence is to avoid dragging into our prayer time the finite concerns of daily life. If we drag into the silence our desires related to our small everyday stories, we limit the conversation with the Divine to the surface order of business that we have deemed as essential for our happiness. Moving into presence with the Divine can be done with no script, no attachments, and no pleading. Answers from deep wisdom can come that are related to the soul’s truest needs, not answers to the ego’s surface worries.

A daily spiritual practice might certainly include praying for specific concerns. However, in addition to our concerns, let us offer God our presence with no petitions. Walk into silence with no list. Form a deeper relationship with the Divine. Spend time in the unknown with the One who loves you totally and who holds you very near. In these moments of the Holy Now, may you be met with a transforming love that moves you from your story to your soul.