An Unimaginable Lasting Legacy

Dr. G. Richard Smith

The House of Prayer was an indirect beneficiary more than 30 years ago when a faithful couple, John and Elizabeth Williams, put the Diocese of Arkansas in their wills. After they died a tragic, premature death in an automobile accident while vacationing, a significant gift came to the Diocese.

Tim Hursley

That gift was used to purchase the property for what eventually became St. Margaret’s, including the land where the House of Prayer was built many years after the Williamses made their estate planning decisions. What a wonderful legacy they left to us and to future generations—one the Williamses could never have imagined!I hope you will consider a similar gift, no matter how big or small, whenever you are revising your will or assigning contingent beneficiaries for your life insurance.

A legacy donation to the House of Prayer Endowment, which primarily supports operations, or an undesignated gift for the House of Prayer would be a tremendous blessing for future generations, providing the means for making something happen that only God can imagine.

If you would like more information about making a planned gift, I would be honored to talk with you about it. Please fill out the contact form on this website and indicate your interest in the message space provided.